Apr 20, 2021
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David Manukyan showed the body after plastic surgery

Blogger and rapper David Manukyan showed the perfect body after plastic surgery.

David Manukyan showed the body after plastic surgery

In the coffin of February, Davout was freed from fat on his hump, chin and mammon, and he was also given a lift from the underside of the mammon. The operation was performed in one of the elite Moscow clinics.

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Now David Manukyan has demonstrated the results of the transformation. He posted the newly taken pictures on his Instagram account. In the photographs, the artist appeared in front of the fans in a wet white T-shirt, through which his abs can be seen.

“He flew into the rain,” David Manukyan laconically waved the shots. In six hours, the publication got 400 thousand likes.

Respirators appreciated the figure of fame. Unusually, in admiration for the external appearance of Dava, women remembered.

“And what a handsome man”, “Cheer us up with such cards more”, “Good”, “What a beautiful”, “And somewhere Buzova quietly cried”, “Unreal”, – the fans write.

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Some subscribers in the comments under the picture praised the surgeon who performed the operation on David Manukyan.

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