Oct 13, 2020
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David Manukyan said that the Ice Age jury members are subjective about his beloved Olga Buzova

18:15, 12.10.2020

The blogger believes that the singer received too low marks for her performance in the 2nd issue of the show.

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On October 3, a new season of the Ice Age show started on Channel One. This year the singer Olga Buzova participates in the project, and Dmitry Soloviev became her partner. Despite the fact that the numbers of the star are always very exciting and emotional, the jury does not give high scores to the artist's performance, which makes her very upset.

The viewers of the project also disagree with the ratings and believe that the judges deliberately underestimate Olga and Dmitry. In the second edition of the show, the couple skated to the song "Sansara" by rapper Basta. Despite the fact that the duo did not have a single fall, the jury gave him not very high marks, as a result of which Olga and Dmitry took the last place in the standings. Nevertheless, according to the results of the audience vote, the couple turned out to be the best among the other participants, and this gap confused the audience. According to commentators, the couple was sued, and the jury was biased and judged based on personal preferences.

Olga Buzova and Dmitry Solovyov's speech

The judges had many complaints: too long a pause in the middle of the number, Olga's technical inferiority, the wrong choice of song for the initial stage of the performances. After Buzova and Soloviev received marks 5.7 and 5.8, coach Ilya Averbukh decided to stand up for the duet, who tried to explain the idea of ​​the number. Also, the presenter Alina Zagitova could not restrain herself during the discussion and announced into the microphone: "I understood your number, and I liked it!" Blogger David Manukyan hastened to speak out in defense of his beloved. Today, in a comment under the publication with Buzova's performance, he wrote that the jury is clearly too subjective about the singer.

David Manukyan said that members of the Ice Age jury are subjective about Olga Buzova

It is worth noting that although such points are upsetting Olga, they do not knock out of the working regime. She continues to train and strive to win. Olga noted that she was an excellent student by nature and was always accustomed to achieving the highest results even through pain and tears.

Recall that recently there has been more and more news about the separation of Olga Buzova and her lover David Manukyan. The couple almost stopped posting joint photos and videos in the Stories section of their Instagram microblogs. Moreover, David frightened the public with strange statements that he was disappointed in many people. Olga, in turn, emphasized that troubles had occurred in her life, which she was not yet ready to tell the audience about. However, Manukyan supports Buzova after each performance.

Olga Buzova and David Manukyan

We add that in August Olga Buzova and her beloved David Manukyan celebrated the first anniversary of their relationship. The artists met in 2019 during the filming of Olga's video "Liker". David played the main role in the video. Manukyan admitted that he immediately drew attention to Olga and began to seek her favor. However, she flew to Bali, as the show "Plan B" was filmed there, in which Timur Batrutdinov was looking for a new chosen one for Buzova. Olga was also carried away by Manukyan, so she chose no one in the project. At the end of last year, the couple spoke about their relationship and actively began posting photos and videos on their microblogs on Instagram. That is why, when a couple does not appear together for a long time, fans begin to worry about their relationship.

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