Apr 1, 2021
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David Manukyan denied rumors of an affair with his assistant after breaking up with Olga Buzova

20:59, 04/01/2021

The blogger admitted that at the moment he is a free man.

At the end of January 2021, 35-year-old Olga Buzova announced her breakup with 28-year-old David Manukyan in her Instagram microblog. The TV presenter published a post in which she admitted that she was free again. A couple of hours later, the singer shared her correspondence with Dava, in which she accused him of infidelity and assault. For a long time, the blogger himself did not react in any way to the attacks of his former lover, since he did not want to endure the quarrels in public.

Also, David did not comment on rumors about novels, which the media began to ascribe to him immediately after Buzova’s accusations. At first, Manukyan was suspected of having an affair with Darya Paley, a partner in the show “Dancing with the Stars”. However, the dancer herself in her microblog on Instagram stated that she was in a happy marriage, and with Dava they had extremely friendly relations. The second girl with whom the press brought the rapper was his assistant Anna Makovskaya… The secret romance between the blogger and his assistant became even more active after attentive fans noticed Anna in bed in Dava’s hotel room. Former Olga Buzova posted a video on his Instagram microblog in the Stories section, in which Makovskaya’s head could be seen in the background.

David Manukyan and his assistant Anna Makovskaya

David attended the Moda Topical event today. The rapper was asked to comment on the incident when he was “caught with an assistant.” Manukyan quite sharply answered the reporter’s question: “I have repeated more than once: this is my director, who is with me from the very beginning and is related to all my projects. The whole team is staying at the same hotel, and we freely go to each other’s rooms. So when I read things like that, I find it funny. People try to interpret every little thing in their own way. Im free person”. According to Komsomolskaya Pravda, the blogger noted that for him Anna is a person you can always rely on.

It is worth noting that in early March, Manukyan attended a radio show, in which he admitted that he would not like to meet with a media personality again. “And I now realized for myself what I want, if, God forbid, everything will be okay, and in the future… it will or will not work: either I will stay alone for the rest of my life, or I need a simple girl. Maybe yes. Because otherwise, probably, there are difficulties in the relationship, “- said the former lover Buzovoy.

Recall that Anna Makovskaya is not the first blogger’s assistant with whom he was credited with an affair. For a long time, the press and fans were sure that Dava had a relationship with Karina Lazaryants, better known under the pseudonym Karina Cross. For a long time, she was Manukyan’s assistant, helped him write scripts and shoot various videos for microblogging on Instagram. However, at the end of 2019, Karina and David stopped communicating. Many were sure that the rapper left Cross for Olga Buzova. However, Dava’s ex-friend said in an interview that they never had romantic feelings, and they stopped communicating due to the blogger’s consumer attitude.

Karina Cross and David Manukyan

It is noteworthy that a few days ago it became known about the reconciliation between Cross and Manukyan. Former colleagues met with mutual friends at a home party. Judging by the video posted from the event, the atmosphere at the holiday was cheerful and relaxed: all the participants in the meeting laughed, joked and enjoyed communicating with each other. Beloved Karina Evgeny Ershov has already reacted to the reconciliation of bloggers.

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