Dec 28, 2020
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David Manukyan arranged a surprise for Philip Kirkorov by presenting him with a jacket and a bag from a famous brand for the New Year

09:32, 28.12.

The rapper organized a confetti celebration for the king of pop instead of the announced business meeting.

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On August 12, Philip Kirkorov and David Manukyan surprised the audience by releasing a joint video for the song “Rolex”. The track was included in the debut album of Olga Buzova’s lover, performing under the pseudonym DAVA. The unexpected collaboration of the artists, although it came as a surprise, was criticized: some believed that Kirkorov recorded the clip with Manukyan only out of boredom.

However, judging by the several months that have passed since the premiere, the acquaintance of David and Philip Bedrosovich was not limited to “Rolex”, but also moved on to personal relationships. Yesterday Manukyan arranged a pleasant surprise for his senior colleague. As the rapper explained, Kirkorov was invited to a business meeting, but a holiday was waiting for him in the office. The pop king liked the surprise. “New Year is coming. Making surprises and getting surprises are completely different emotions! Checked! Such unexpected moments leave an imprint in the memory forever. Watch the video, you will see everything for yourself … Thank you that I am next to people who surprise me, make me happy and give me a holiday, ”the singer wrote in his microblog on Instagram (the spelling and punctuation of the authors are given without changes hereinafter – Prim. line.).

Philip Kirkorov showed what a surprise Manukyan gave him

David Manukyan thanked Philip Bedrosovich for giving him a chance. “I am very glad that I was able to pleasantly surprise you. Thank you for this year, ”the musician wrote in the comments to the 53-year-old artist’s post. By the way, meeting with confetti moved Kirkorov almost to tears. “And after all no one believes in our sincere, pure, friendship,” Philip lamented half-jokingly, noting that he had recently become extremely sentimental. In addition to the surprise meeting, David presented his colleague with gifts: a jacket and a bag of a luxury brand, which made the king of pop very happy.

Manukyan and Kirkorov on the set of the New Year show for Muz-TV

Note that Kirkorov and Manukyan, from the moment the video was released, took a high bar for showing in the frame of luxury. In the video, the musicians appear as rappers who lead a chic lifestyle, “throwing” money and demonstrating the attributes of wealth. In the video, the Rolex watch was shown more than once, after which the song was named, and more than 10 million rubles were spent on decorating the musicians’ teeth for two. As the stylist Kirkorov said, he specially selected an image for the king of pop from exclusive things. The main accent was the silver Balmain jacket, which exists in the world in only two copies: one was created for the football player Neymar, the second – especially for Philip Bedrosovich. The original Louis Vuitton outfit, consisting of a belt bag, T-shirt, backpack and numerous chains, also attracted the attention of the audience. As shoes for Kirkorov, Dior sneakers from a collaboration with Air Jordan were chosen – very rare and expensive, which were sold to the artist exclusively as a VIP client.

Philip Kirkorov and Daivd Manukyan as rappers who waste money

By the way, Philip Kirkorov plans to celebrate the New Year with his family, together with his children Alla-Victoria and Martin. The artist specifically did not take the conduct of the corporate party that night, refusing a fee of 12.5 million rubles. David Manukyan, in turn, will meet on January 1 in the Maldives, in the company of his beloved Olga Buzova. The couple, whom they have repeatedly tried to convict with a PR novel, continues to demonstrate an idyllic relationship. As the singer complained in a recent interview, you will not please the audience, because people have stopped believing in the sincerity of feelings, and she really loves David. By the way, Philip Bedrosovich, who communicates with both Manukyan and Buzova, believes that there is no talk of any PR romance between them. In mid-September in the show “Evening Urgant” the pop king said that during the preparation and filming of the video he got to know David well and realized that the feelings between the rapper and the singer were real. Moreover, the pop king compared the relationship between Olga and David with his love for Alla Pugacheva.

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