Mar 5, 2021
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David Manukyan admitted that after breaking up with Olga Buzova he wants to find himself an unpopular girl

00:33, 06.03.2021

The blogger spoke about parting with the host of “House-2”.

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More than a month has passed since the separation of Olga Buzova and David Manukyan, but fans of the stars continue to follow the development of events in their already defunct pair with sinking. Today Dava said that if he enters into a new relationship, this time not with a famous girl. The blogger allowed himself an unexpected revelation on the air of a radio show, where he was invited by a guest.

Dava gave almost no comments about his personal life since the break with Olga Buzova, so the fact that he answered unexpected questions from radio hosts was a complete surprise for the audience. At first, the blogger was asked how the breakup happened at all: “I can’t, I have to ask a question. We recently got married, everything was fine. We were so jealous, we watched Instagram and we were jealous. Such a thrill, ceremony in the Maldives. What is so? ” To which David decided to laugh it off: “Envy”.

David Manukyan said he wants to connect life with an unpopular girl

But then Manukyan’s fans were waiting for a more serious statement. The Vostok FM presenter decided to ask if David’s mother was asking “he found a good Armenian girl and got married”. The blogger answered this question without joking: “Mom doesn’t tell me anything. I am somehow in this regard … She knows that I will do what I need. And now I realized for myself what I want, if, God forbid, everything will be fine, and in the future … it will or will not work: either I will stay alone for the rest of my life, or I need a simple girl. Maybe yes. Because otherwise, there are probably difficulties in the relationship. “

Recall that they began to talk about the breakup of Dava and Olga Buzova in mid-January, and soon the girl herself announced that their couple was no longer there. Quiet and calm parting cannot be called, because Olga in her microblog on Instagram published unpleasant details about her former lover. Although how everything was in reality, the fans did not understand. David himself decided not to wash dirty linen in public.

David Manukyan and Olga Buzova

Olga and David met for about a year and a half. The romance began on the set – Buzova invited the popular blogger Manukyan to participate in her video. The subscribers of the stars were divided into two camps: some were happy for the young people and wished them great love, others suspected that the whole novel was a production produced for the sake of PR. Therefore, when the break occurred, many simply decided that the contract was over. In addition, both Buzova and Dava, almost immediately after parting, released tracks singing unhappy love and broken hearts.

Although the story of Manukyan and Buzova at the moment has calmed down a little and left the front pages of the stellar media, it is still too early to consider it finished. Young people periodically publish on their social networks photos or videos in which viewers see a reference to their novel. And the rare statements of Olga and David give a shadow of hope that the couple can still reunite. On the same radio broadcast, Dawa gave rise to rumors. To the presenter’s statement: “It is clear that you still love her,” the young man answered unequivocally: “Yes.”

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