Jan 25, 2021
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Dava’s partner in “Dancing with the Stars” responded to rumors about their romance

Dava’s partner with the show “Dancing with the Stars” was 23-year-old Daria Paley. On the day of farewell to Buzova, another entry with a joint dance appeared on Manukyan’s page, this became one of the reasons for rumors about a romance in a dance duet.

Dava's partner in

On the eve of the screens the next release of the show “Dancing with the Stars” took place, where David Manukyan performs with the dancer Daria Paley. Dava did not refuse to participate despite the injury he had received earlier – the singer’s shoulder joint flew out. As a result, Dava came to the shooting with a bandage.

After the dance, the host of the show, Andrei Malakhov, touched on the topic of the farewell of Davila and Olga, which became famous on Friday. To which Manukyan responded that in life everything can end, and on the project he is not for tara-bar-rasta-bars about the individual, but in order to dance.

Then Malakhov addressed Daria, noting that in the networks she was considered a homeless woman. Paley reported that she hated to read such about herself.

“I have an idolized faithful, a daughter who is one year old. And everything is fine in my family, ”the dancer confidently summed up.

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