Jan 10, 2021
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Daughter Zavorotnyuk told about her mother’s well-being

The daughter of the famous Russian actress and TV presenter Anastasia Zavorotnyuk Anna told her Instagram subscribers about the well-being of her mother with cancer.

Daughter Zavorotnyuk told about her mother's well-being

Anna, like other members of the family, does not give any official comments about the state of her mother’s health. She only at times makes it clear to the sighters, as if it is disastrous to her and her relatives.

The daughter does not like to talk about family matters, however, while communicating with the followers in the account, she nevertheless decided to answer the question that touched her mother. Anna said frankly that the actress’s condition would be disastrous, but they are doing everything to make it more important to her. She formulated the hope that they would be able to defeat cancer.

Daughter Zavorotnyuk did not wedge into details about her mother and did not specify whether Anastasia was struggling with an old ailment or whether doctors had given her some kind of newest diagnosis.

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