Nov 2, 2022
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Daughter scared her father by showing him her devil costume

devil fancy dressSome Halloween costumes can be very scary, but Saoirse Bodge Flynn’s outfit was a total shock for her dad.

devil fancy dress

The young woman decided to dress up as the devil. Rather, a she-devil, and very sexy. However, the masquerade fashion show that the daughter put on for her dad did not go well. The man was clearly horrified by the appearance of his daughter. And the point, of course, is not at all in a frightening image, but just in the piquancy that appeared before his eyes.

devil fancy dress

Commenting on the situation, some social media users said that Saoirse’s outfit was indeed overly indecent. Other commentators are sure that a beautiful young woman should have the right to show off her charms. That’s just not necessary to show them to dad. Other people are completely sure that the daughter was lucky with the parent. Their own fathers would go berserk and bury them in the garden with their erotic costumes.

Scavenger tried on an old discarded fancy dress

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