Jun 30, 2020
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Daughter of Michael Ephraim wants his dad went to jail

Daughter of Michael Ephraim wants dad went to jail

Ex-wife of the actor Mikhail Efremov, Ksenia Kachalina said that daughter Anna-Maria wants to throw her in a mental hospital and father to prison.

The ex-wife of Michael Efremova Kseniya Kachalina said that they shared a daughter Anna-Maria will just be happy if dad will give severe punishment. We will remind, on June 8, the actor staged a car accident in which killed people. The actor, while drunk, lost control and flew into the oncoming lane. His car collided with a car of the domestic automobile industry. Courier Sergey Zakharov, making the day a flight for work, received multiple injuries, and the next morning died in hospital.

Anna-Maria Efremova

"Wants to put dad in jail and me in a psychiatric hospital. Here we have a sweet girl"— quoted Kachalino "Express newspaper". According to Kachalino, a daughter completely out of control after the death of his grandmother – Alla Pokrovskaya, mother of actor. Kachalina also noted that to the antics of Anna Maria, she's not paying attention.

As for the overuse of alcohol, Ksenia did not hide their problems. She confessed and that has no permanent source of income. While Kachalina reiterated that it was not Mikhail Olegovich her addicted to alcohol. "Nonsense. I used alcohol and to Misha. Rather, it is charged can show to my first husband Alexei Paperny", — says Ksenia. As for marriage with Michael, Ksenia said that in that period, she not only drank, but never smoked. She shared that his late mother-in-law touching care for her, took care of, watched what she eats and what kind of lifestyle leads.

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