Nov 9, 2021
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Daughter of Masha Rasputina on a lie detector told about her brother’s harassment


It became known whether there was sex between the daughter of the singer Masha Rasputina and her half-brother.

A few weeks ago, Masha Rasputina’s daughter came on the air of the federal television channel and talked about the difficult relationship with her paternal brother. According to the girl, Roman molested her.

Maria Zakharova claims that 42-year-old Roman shows completely unrelated feelings to her and even suggested … intimate intimacy. In addition, he committed lecherous acts against her that were not pleasant to her. The girl came to the studio of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live ”to find protection, but only met with aggression from her brother. He grabbed her by the hair, pulled her away and hit her several times.

The story made a lot of noise. Due to the scandal, the head of the family, the common-law spouse of Masha Rasputina, Viktor Zakharov, became ill, he was hospitalized. The girl went to the police to witness the beatings and write a statement.

Pasiok Masha Rasputina
Masha Rasputina’s stepson

As a result, a few days later, when the passions subsided, Masha and Roman agreed to meet again in the studio. Maria’s condition was the presence of two guards. “Because the novel is inadequate, it must be locked“- she was indignant. Before filming, both went through a lie detector, answering a series of questions. Among other things, they were asked whether there was intimacy between them and what feelings they have for each other.

After analyzing the answers of the relatives, the polygraph expert announced the results. “There was no serious sexual harassment. There was no sex between them, the man simply opened his hands. The polygraph showed that Roman had tried drugs. And another interesting moment – Masha is not very afraid of Roman. She talks about her fears. But she is not afraid of him“, – said Olga Belyushina.

Maria said that Roman was disgusting to her. “He doesn’t work anywhere, he has no money, how can I want such a person?“- Rasputin Jr. was indignant.

The studio of the TV channel “Russia 1” also reported that soon a trial will take place between Viktor Zakharov and his lawful wife Elena Zakharova (Roman’s mother). The fact is that the spouses are still not officially divorced, so they will have to share a joint house and other property.

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