Oct 15, 2021
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Daughter of Maria Rasputina passed a DNA test for relationship with her father


The daughter of the singer Maria Rasputina decided to prove her kinship with her brother.

The youngest daughter of the artist Masha Zakharova accused her paternal brother of … sexual harassment. He, in turn, denies the ridiculous words and generally believes that the girl is not related to him.

Roman Zakharov is shocked by his sister’s accusations and does not want to hear anything about her at all. Also, the young man did not have a relationship with the stellar stepmother. Roman is sure that the singer and her daughter are simply using his father, businessman and producer Viktor Zakharov.

Rasputina gave birth to a daughter to her father only because she wanted to keep him. This singer will never become the official wife of my father, because she and her daughter are homeless, they live on Rublevka in my mother’s house. My father is 65 years old, he is simply afraid of change, so he endures everything. He and Masha have no family, they live in different rooms, they have no sex“, – confidently said 42-year-old Zakharov in the show” Andrey Malakhov. Live broadcast on “Russia 1”.

Masha Rasputina
Masha Rasputina

The novel, believing that Rasputin gave birth to Masha from another man, donated his biomaterial for conducting a DNA text. The girl also agreed to a genetic examination. The outcome of the check surprised both sides.

The probability that Maria and Roman have a common parent is 91.99%. The probability that they are not relatives is 8.1%. Unfortunately, even in this case, it is impossible to say for sure whether Roman and Maria are relatives. It is necessary to conduct an additional kinship test, for example, between Maria and Viktor Zakharov. He must show the exact result.“, – the expert of the show shared.

Maria Zakharova, in turn, is sure that she is the own daughter of her father. “I wish that I did not have a relationship with Roman, with this mentally ill person. Roma is unwell, it is advisable that he stay away from me“, – summed up the 21-year-old heiress of the performer.

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