Sep 18, 2022
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Daughter of Leonid Yakubovich showed a figure in a swimsuit


The 24-year-old daughter of TV presenter Leonid Yakubovich, Varvara shared a spicy photo.

Vido doesn’t exactly fall into the category of celebrity heirs who are trying to become popular at the expense of famous relatives.

Barbara is trying to go her own way, making music and trying to break into the world of show business on her own. She does not lead a secular lifestyle, does not give interviews, does not appear on TV, and generally looks and behaves very modestly.

Daughter of Leonid Yakubovich
Daughter of Leonid Yakubovich

Varvara Vido usually wears simple and comfortable things, but now it turned out that under the baggy outfits all this time a beauty with a chiseled figure was hiding. On a personal blog, Yakubovich’s daughter posted footage in a swimsuit that made a splash. Followers are delighted with the appearance of Varya.

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