Feb 16, 2021
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Daughter of Konstantin Bogomolov threatened dad with reprisals

Daughter of Konstantin Bogomolov threatened dad with reprisals

45-year-old director Konstantin Bogomolov trolled his ten-year-old daughter Anya.

The performer of the leading role in the series “Crazy” does not forget about his parenting responsibilities. Despite the divorce from his ex-wife, he devotes time to raising a schoolgirl.

Bogomolov shared a funny video. Konstantin and Anna dined at a restaurant. The girl was in a lilac sweatshirt, and the director himself chose to stay behind the scenes. Darya Moroz’s daughter was fooling around and trying to hide under the table. “If you post it on Instagram, then I’ll finish you off, you know!“- said the star heiress.

The director chuckled and decided to clarify the situation. “Will you just take Dad and finish off? Anh, how do you say that at all!“- the husband of Ksenia Sobchak was indignant. The artistic director of the Malaya Bronnaya Theater assured: “Daughter is a fighter from Instagram“.

Fans appreciated the funny video. Followers showered dad and daughter with comments. “Brave dad! ”,“ Konstantin, are you alive there? We’re worried! ”,“ What a cool one! Daring girl! “,” Daughter – fire! I love her “,” A talented actress! So she played! ”,“ Loving dad! ”,“ Adorable girl. All in parents! “,” What a sly look! “,” I became quite an adult!“- noted by users.

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