Oct 15, 2021
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Daughter of Joseph Prigogine made unsuccessful plastic


The daughter of producer Joseph Prigogine, Danae told how she became a victim of an unscrupulous doctor.

Danae Prigozhina told what difficulties free cosmetology services turned into for her. 52-year-old Joseph Prigogine is not surprised that the girl had to correct the result.

Danae recently decided to correct the shape of her lips. The representative of the famous family took advantage of the advantageous offer of the beautician. The girl agreed to give “beauty injections” in exchange for a positive review on her page on the social network. The procedure was free, but it made you spend a lot of nerves. The stepdaughter of the singer Valeria was shocked by the result.

Joseph Prigogine with his daughter
Joseph Prigogine with his daughter

The girl did not dare to go to the same doctor again and went to another specialist to correct the result. The star daughter had to pay 17 thousand rubles to return her lips to their normal shape. Prigogine did not plan to make the story public until the would-be cosmetologist demanded to pay for the procedure and mentioned her client’s famous father in the scandal that broke out. The daughter of the producer said that the specialist was trying to slander her. Danae regrets that during the procedure she did not conclude a contract with her.

We had barter terms. Nobody paid anything to anyone. All the gel was outside. I had lumps in my lips. When I smiled, you could see it. I am a non-conflict person. Corrected this situation without her and forgot. I didn’t want to go to her again so that she would ruin everything for me. She hooked my family. She just gave me a piece of paper that this can be done“, – said Prigogine on the air of the show” Stars converged. “

The lawyer noted that Danae should have documented her agreements, then she would have been able to make claims. The star father also believes that the daughter acted rashly. “I realized one simple thing after living half my life: free cheese only in a mousetrap“, – said Prigozhin.

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