Feb 16, 2021
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Daughter of Alexei Panin became a resident of Spain

18:56, 16.02.2021

Anna was delighted to receive a new status.

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In early August last year, the star of the movie “Zhmurki” Alexey Panin announced that he had received a residence permit in Spain. In the Spanish city of Torrevieja on the shores of the Mediterranean, the artist bought an apartment, and upon arrival he bought a car. Together with him, Panin took his daughter, with whom he spends all his free time. By the way, today Anna Panina has become a resident of Spain.

Panin shared the good news in his microblog on Instagram: “Historical moment. Anna Panina is in line to receive a Spanish residence. ” The artist’s daughter also shared with him the joy of receiving a new status: “I have a residence, I can fly to Russia.”

Daughter of Alexei Panin became a resident of Spain

Previously, Panin said that in Spain such peace descended on him that he even forgot about his shocking deeds. At the same time, he does not plan to break the connection with his homeland to the end. In turn, Anna, after many years of strained relations, resumed communication with her mother, a model. Yulia Yudintseva… Panin and the mother of his daughter, who never officially registered their relationship, have been suing Anna for ten years. In 2014, Yudintseva took the girl to St. Petersburg, after which Panin decided to kidnap her, which led to a scandal. In 2017, the court nevertheless sided with the actor and ruled that the daughter would live with her father.

“We slowly began to communicate with my mother. We had a huge break. But my mother acted wisely – she called me, took the first step. At first I held the pose, but then I stopped taking offense at her. And dad, by the way, was never against my communication with mom, “- said Panina’s daughter.

We add that last year Anna starred in the film “I’m Back”, where Panin acted as a director. The actor’s daughter has long dreamed of becoming an actress. She played in the film along with her father, actors Vladimir Epifantsev, Nikita Dzhigurda, Alexander Golovin and other stars.

Alexey Panin with the team of the film “I’m Back”

Alexey Panin was satisfied with his daughter’s work in the film, noting that the mistakes that were in the frame are fixable. But the director-debutant did not like the film as a whole. Recall that the tape was filmed in the style of the cult director Alexei Balabanov. Panin’s hero protects the weak, resorting to not entirely legal actions, for example, stealing a phone to give it to a child from a poor family.

It is worth noting that this year a tragic event took place in Panin’s life. His mother died on January 5, 2021 – Tatiana Vlasova… A relative of the actor worked for many years as a journalist and was the editor of the publishing house “Science”. The 43-year-old actor did not get in touch for about a week. Only nine days after the death of the parent, he honored her memory in his microblog on Instagram. Among other things, Alexei noted that in Vlasova’s life there were only son and granddaughter Anna, whom she wholeheartedly loved. Despite all the shocking antics of Alexei Panin, Tatyana Vlasova always supported her son. Moreover, she often came to visit him abroad to spend time with her family.

One of the first condolences to Panin’s mother was then brought by Lolita Milyavskaya. The singer has been friends with the actor for many years and said that Alexey always treated his mother with warmth and awe. The artist then added that Panin was a wonderful son and remains a wonderful father.

Tatiana Vlasova

Alexey Panin in an exclusive interview with Vokrug TV

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