Jan 17, 2022
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Daughter listened to her mother’s advice and won the lottery

daughter listened to her mother's adviceA resident of Wayne County (Michigan, USA) found out from her own experience that obeying her mother is not only right, but also quite profitable.

daughter listened to her mother's advice

The lady met her parent in a cafe and decided to buy some lottery tickets. It was then that the mother advised her daughter to buy a ticket for the Lucky 7s Fast Cash lottery, because she had heard that a large jackpot was played there.

daughter listened to her mother's advice

The woman obeyed and did not believe her eyes – this same jackpot, amounting to $ 1,682,998, began to belong to her. Now the lucky girl plans to buy a new house, pay off her student loan and take her son to a Disney theme park, fulfilling his lifelong dream.

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