May 28, 2022
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Daughter Alsu told about the future wedding


The daughter of the singer Alsou, Michela spoke about the personal.

Communication with fans on social networks is the most common way for stars to connect directly with their followers. This time, Alsu’s daughter Mikella Abramova answered the fans’ questions.

It is clear that many are most interested in personal life. Therefore, although she is only 14 years old, the question was raised: when Michella plans to play the wedding.

As it turned out, unlike Alsou, who got married at 21, Mikella is in no hurry with matrimonial plans – at first she is going to pursue a career. And only then – the wedding.

Alsou with her daughter - photo from the archive -
Alsou with her daughter – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

After 27 years”, the girl answered briefly but confidently about her plans for marriage.

The daughter of the singer Alsu Mikella Abramova became famous after participating in the show “Voice. Children”. Even the scandal that broke out in the final of the project did not prevent the girl, and now she quite successfully makes her way to the stage and is gaining popularity with a young audience. However, due to her age, the aspiring artist has to obey her parents for now and combine her studies at school with her career as a star, which she does not always succeed in.

Michella does not even rule out that she will soon fall into a teenage rebellion, but for now she only dares to break the rules sometimes. Therefore, the parents of the young artist should not relax, because now, while she is 14 years old, she is trying to responsibly return home at the indicated time, but in the future she plans to start hanging out with friends.

Michela wants to become a world star. She dreams of the glory of Billy Eilish and is not shy about expressing herself brightly. So far, she is gaining experience: she works on television and records duets with fashionable performers. But there is no doubt that she has a great future in the musical field.

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