Jan 11, 2021
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Date of arrival of WHO experts on coronavirus in China revealed

A delegation of experts from the World Health Organization will arrive in China on January 14 to find out the causes of a new type of coronavirus, reports TASS with reference to the country’s state committee on hygiene and health.

The statement notes that WHO experts will conduct an investigation together with Chinese scientists.

Last week, WHO head Tedros Adanom Ghebreyesus expressed disappointment that the PRC authorities had delayed issuing permission for an international scientific group to enter the country.

In turn, the Chinese Foreign Ministry stated that the WHO experts have not yet been issued visas in connection with the official procedures that regulate the arrival of foreign citizens in China in a pandemic.

According to the American Johns Hopkins University, in the world the coronavirus more than 90 million people have already been infected. The five in terms of the number of infected include the United States (22.2 million), India (10.45 million), Brazil (8 million), Russia (3.36 million) and the United Kingdom (3 million). More than 1.9 million people became victims of the disease.

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