Sep 8, 2022
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Daring Yana Yass turned to the haters, inviting them to take the cheek

Singer Yana Yass released a scandalous promotional video for her new, no less scandalous song “For the cheek”, in which Zaza Napoli took part. The premiere of the song will take place on September 12. In the track, Yana rebuffed the haters and sofa critics. Our editors contacted the artist for a short interview to clarify her position on many pressing issues.

– Yana, tell us, where did you get the idea of ​​the song “For the cheek”? After all, this is a kind of manifesto for the anti-hay.

– Since childhood, I did not like it when people collectively attack with accusations those who are different from them. I think this is familiar to all of us. You need to understand that the hate fundamentally does not bring anything good and creative, but only enhances bilateral aggression. Even righteous anger is still anger and destruction. I am sure that the majority is for dialogue and for sound values. Much cooler when the collective mind creates, not destroys.

– Yana, Zaza Napoli and several other travesty artists in the images of popular Russian and foreign pop singers starred in your track. What was your message?

– Agree, each of us wants to live peacefully and happily. To do this, we need to learn to accept people who are different from us. If you experience irritation and hatred – do not press the gas, first ask. It is easier to hate than to accept another person. People are more likely to believe in gossip and idle talk than in a simple human story. Actually, this is what I tell in my song and promo video for it.

– Yana, what would you like to wish your audience?

– Learn to laugh, first of all, at yourself. Don’t try to be right by judging someone. We all know this, but we keep forgetting.

Daring Yana Yass turned to the haters, inviting them to take the cheek

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