Sep 15, 2022
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Daria Poverennova was surprised by the change of image


Actress Daria Poverennova after 15 years for the first time decided to transform.

The famous theater and film actress Daria Poverennova decided to return to her hair color. The star has been blonde for 15 years, and she wanted to change her image. The actress recorded the process of transformation on video.

Fans of Daria Poverennova noted that the dark hair color suits the actress very much, and she even began to look younger. And the new hairstyle added even more lightness to her.

Daria Poverennova
Daria Poverennova

Time to change! After 15 years, the blonde decided to go back to her hair color. And at the same time change the hairstyle) What do you say? For me: an artist should be different. And, by the way, not only externally, but also in their roles) But changes in appearance really help to change“, – wrote the actress.

It suits very well”, “Cool!😍”, “Gorgeous, I always liked you with a darker shade”, “This color is young!”, “You are in any hairstyle, in any color 🔥chic!”, “Very cool and fresh🔥” , “Interesting look 👍 the main thing is that you like it yourself ❤️”, “Your new haircut suits you very much! And the dark color makes the face more expressive”, — responded subscribers.

Recall that Daria Poverennova was married to artist Alexander Zhigalkin. In 1992, they first became parents. They gave birth to Polina. After 10 years of marriage, the couple divorced. In 2021, Daria Poverennova became the wife of Andrei Sharonov, President of the Skolkovo Moscow School of Management. The artist’s daughter has an excellent relationship with her stepfather. Polina is glad that her mother has found her happiness.

By the way, in 2018, the daughter of star parents married Oleg Vasilyev. However, fans noticed that the girl no longer wears a wedding ring. And Polina stopped publishing photos with her husband. The Network suspects that she divorced her husband. However, the daughter of the actors still does not answer these questions.

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