May 5, 2021
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Daria Poverennova told why she broke up with Valery Nikolaev

Once the actress Daria Poverennova and her colleague Valery Nikolaev, who fought in the TV series “Bourgeois”, were considered one of the most beautiful couples in Russian show business. However, suddenly they decided to divorce without explaining the reasons for their breakup.

Daria Poverennova told why she broke up with Valery Nikolaev

And a few years later, Daria decided to tell the details of that story. She noted that at the initial stage of the relationship she was deeply in love with Valeria, and it seemed to her that in this state she could live her whole life, so she did not notice any problems around.

Poverennova added that the divorce from Nikolaev was very difficult for her, she was absolutely depressed, but in the end she managed to check her emotional state.

The actress stressed that the decision to say goodbye came to her unexpectedly. However, she did not expect that it would benefit her. At first, she thought that Nikolaev would try to return to her, but when the emotions subsided, Daria realized that she had met the right decision.

The artist says that at some point she was simply bored of suffering, and she waited for Valery to come to her for pieces and hoped that he would return. Having got rid of the connection with Nikolaev, she “sobered up” and became an adequate people, Poverennova concluded.

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