Apr 20, 2021
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Daria Moroz spoke about the tragic death of her mother

The popular Russian actress Daria Moroz for a long time could not come to terms with the death of Marina Levtova’s mother. She decided to share her experiences in this regard with the peers.

Daria Moroz spoke about the tragic death of her mother

Daria said that she and her mother went out of town to see their friends. There was a very important party, everyone was having fun and no one even imagined that a hellish tragedy would happen that day.

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In the coffin of the evening, Daria was offered a ride on a snowmobile, she agreed, and her mother decided to go with her. Moroz recalls that it was a winter evening, they were riding a snowmobile and businessman Mikhail Rudyak, who was driving, thought that there were some bushes in front. After that, they all flew into a ravine and crashed into a tree.

Daria says that her mother should not have got on the snowmobile, and she is sure that she saved her from death.

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The artist added that she woke up in the hospital, and a couple of days later she was reported that her mother was bent over. Daria was very eager to go to the funeral, but she was not able to move independently. And just a few years later, she realized that mom was no longer there.

Recall that 41-year-old Levtova bent down after an accident in a medical facility. She did not live to see her birthday for two months.

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