Aug 7, 2022
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Daria Moroz in a swimsuit and a wedding veil was captured on a yacht


38-year-old actress Daria Moroz shared a racy photo in a revealing swimsuit.

As it turned out, Daria Moroz started working on a new project. The actress starred in the film Vasilisa and the Queen of Likes by Pavel Lungin, in which the real and virtual worlds collide.

The plot is based on the story of a blogger girl Vasilisa, who lives with her grandparents and has no idea who she really is. Filming will take place in Belarus, Karelia, the Leningrad region and in Moscow. Daria got the role of Vasilisa.

Today, the actress unveiled a spicy shot from the filming. She appeared in a sexy black swimsuit with a plunging neckline and a wedding veil on her head. Daria took a daring pose, allowing her long, slender legs to be captured in all their glory. Frost posed on board the yacht among the picturesque local beauties.

Daria Moroz
Daria Moroz

Relaxation? No, you haven’t heard!“- wrote Daria. She added a saying hashtag: “filming a movie“.

Fans rejoiced at the opportunity to soon see a new project with the star of “Kept Women”. “Who will be the first to throw the world at such feet? What a beauty you are”, “Daria Yurievna, you look great”, “I admire! Amazingly beautiful in every way”, — subscribers discuss.

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