Oct 20, 2021
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Daria Moroz and her daughter made the same haircut and surprised by their resemblance


Actress Daria Moroz shared a photo with her 11-year-old daughter from the salon, where they trusted a beauty professional. Grown up Anna with a new hairstyle has become like a stellar mother.

Daria Moroz showed how she and her 11-year-old daughter from Konstantin Bogomolov look now. The day before, mom and daughter decided to update their image, and Daria showed on Instagram what came of it.

The artist said that from an early age she teaches her daughter to use the services of professionals in her field and not settle for less. Moroz took her daughter to her stylist, who is responsible for her short-haired look.

Daria Moroz with her daughter Anna
Daria Moroz with her daughter Anna

When, from a young age, you teach your child to trust professionals in matters of beauty and not only ♥ ️“, – wrote Daria in the description of their joint photo.

In the picture, Moroz and her daughter are posing in the same perspective, which emphasized their striking similarity. True, Anna is still wearing blue bangs. Moroz explained that her daughter wants to restore her natural hair color. “Anna makes a new haircut and gradually returns to the natural color of the bangs“, – explained the actress in the comments.

Daria Moroz with her daughter Anna
Daria Moroz with her daughter Anna

Daria, as you know, sent the child to an educational institution at the German Embassy. The actress makes sure that her daughter is good at learning not only a foreign, but also her native language, which in the future can be very useful to her. By the way, it is possible that daughter Frost in the future will follow in the footsteps of her mother and become an artist.

Moroz, we recall, divorced Bogomolov in 2018, but maintained a good relationship with him. However, the actress has not yet succeeded in making friends with her daughter’s stepmother, Ksenia Sobchak, whom the director married a year after the divorce.

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