Oct 20, 2021
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Daria Melnikova spoke about patronage at the ice show


Actress Daria Melnikova is surprised that she has maintained friendship with Arzamasova.

The star of “Daddy’s Daughters” took a chance to take part in the “Ice Age” and, according to her, made the right decision. Daria Melnikova, who is paired with the Olympic figure skating champion Maxim Marinin, is still considered one of the leaders of the show.

Now Melnikova is actively supported by her colleague on the sitcom “Daddy’s Daughters” and the wife of the mentor of the ice show Ilya Averbukh Liza Arzamasova. At the same time, Dasha refutes all rumors that Lisa allegedly had a hand in her participation in the popular project.

Of course not. She didn’t know about it. The decision about who to call for the project is made here by Ilya Averbukh, the producers and the channel, as far as I understand. Lisa supports me in a sisterly, friendly way. I really feel her support, and it’s really unexpected that after so many years we still have such tender feelings for each other.“, – said the 29-year-old artist.

Daria Melnikova
Daria Melnikova

Today Dasha, who, by the way, is raising two sons from Artur Smolyaninov, is torn between children, filming and training on the ice. So far, everything is working out for her.

We train often at night because the schedule is difficult. There are also other shootings. Maxim Viktorovich clutches his head, because I’m never there, I’m all the time somewhere on the set, and, unfortunately, we sometimes have to train at night.“, – the blonde admits.

Melnikova does not complain about anything and believes that she is very lucky to work with eminent athletes. “Ilya (Averbukh, – approx. “”) is a gift of fate. Absolutely! It is just pure happiness for everyone who is here to work with Ilya. Now I understand why the artists are going to this project. May God grant him the creative vitality, energy and potential to continue all this, because he has a giant team here. And you know what they say: the quality indicator of the fish is in the head. And here all the “fish” is worthy, since there is a main person from whom I am simply delighted“, – the actress admitted in an interview with

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