Jan 15, 2022
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Daria Melnikova fell ill at the resort


Actress Daria Melnikova admitted that her vacation did not work out.

The artist went with her children to rest and improve her health in the Crimea and fell ill right at the resort.

I am the second day in formation. But the body deserved bed rest, more than ever. I try not to get upset and tense … I canceled the detox. The procedures were moved to the end of the holiday in the hope that I would recover quickly. I hope that the body and I will be able to get sick quickly, fortunately, this is not something that cannot be called (probably the actress is referring to the coronavirus. – Approx. ed.), ”wrote the 29-year-old star of “Daddy’s Daughters” on Instagram.

Melnikova added that she drinks a whole bunch of medicines in order to quickly get on her feet and go to breathe in the sea. Also, her internal organs are “warmed up” through special special points on her arm – the actress loves such unconventional methods.

Daria Melnikova
Daria Melnikova

Many subscribers showed concern – what about the sons who came to rest with the actress? Melnikova said that, unlike her, they have a great time.

Children have a rich program. They have master classes, classes, animation, etc. Everything here is super thought out for families with children. So that you understand, throughout the territory, and it is huge, this is a park hotel, there are free strollers, scooters, bicycles. They have their own Swedish food line, they go and pick them up themselves – very nice. But the food is normal, not just french fries. There is a kindergarten! Petting zoo on site – in short, they have something to do“, – said Daria.

Daria Melnikova is not very willing to share personal information, especially after her divorce from Artur Smolyaninov. But today she shared rare shots: the actress showed how she spends time with her sons – 6-year-old Arthur (he is named after his father) and Mark, who turned 3 in December. She enjoys playing with children, sitting under the Christmas tree.

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