Dec 31, 2020
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Danya Milokhin told Ksenia Sobchak about life in an orphanage, drug addiction, sex and his girlfriend

Danya Milokhin told Ksenia Sobchak about life in an orphanage, drug addiction, sex and his girlfriend

Ksenia Sobchak and Danya Milokhin

The last hero of Ksenia Sobchak’s YouTube show “Beware, Sobchak!” This year, 19-year-old Danya Milokhin became one of the most popular and highly paid Russian-speaking tiktokers today. In a conversation that lasted more than two hours, Danya not only taught Ksenia the main tricks of TikTok, but also told how he lived without his parents, how he suffered from bullying in an orphanage and became addicted to drugs. Ksenia and Dania discussed their personal life: they talked about sex and the Tiktoker girl, and Milokhin also told what mistakes he made in love. SPLETNIK.RU has collected the most interesting quotes from this interview.

Immediately after the release on YouTube, Ksenia Sobchak announced this interview on her instagram. In the post, she explained why she decided on an interview with Tiktoker, and also told what they learned from each other during this conversation.

I was dissuaded from an interview with Dania Milokhin: “What to talk to him about? He’s a Tiktoker!” I myself did not understand, but it turned out to be an interesting conversation between people of different generations, people with completely different cultural codes and different values. It’s like going out into space! We understand the simplest things differently. He opened the world of TikTok to me (the video that he helped me shoot got a million views in the first three hours alone), and for the first time I took him to a museum. He taught to be yourself, and I told him about Sobyanin and Leshchenko. A very curious aftertaste after this interview! It’s even difficult to convey, you need to watch

– Ksenia prepared her viewers for viewing.

Why teenagers with unhappy childhoods are popular on TikTok

We did not have people who set us the framework that society has. A bunch of frames that do not allow people to break through and do something. Without this framework, we effortlessly do something that people think: “This is impossible, they most likely have rich parents.” But there are no parents. So, most likely, this is due precisely to the fact that we do not have a framework that bothers most people.

Danya MilokhinDanya Milokhin

About life without parents

I don’t know what it is like to live with your parents. I don’t remember, seriously. And that’s why it’s easy for me to joke about it and talk about it. If I was sent to an orphanage at a conscious age, at the age of 13, for example – I would have lived with them, got used to it – then I would have treated it differently. And since I do not understand what it is like to live in the same house with adults all my life, I can easily joke about it.

I am sure that they (parents. – Ed.) Know me. One hundred percent. And their children know me. And, realizing that they know what I have now, I do not want to give them hope that I would like to somehow contact them. The way I am now – I’m sure it’s not because of them. I’m sure if I was with them, I would be completely different. I don’t want to know why they left me. It will be an awkward moment. It won’t give me anything. I’m not interested, and there is no offense.

Danya Milokhin

About life in an orphanage

I think that it somehow raised me that I was beaten. I was not beaten for anything. They beat me for mate. If I swore somewhere obscene and understand that it was heard by the teacher, then write wasted. The teacher writes or calls some group of older boys – we had hazing. He tells them that so-and-so swore or did something wrong. In the evening they come, gather people who have done something wrong, and talk. Then they beat me until I pay. They had no goal of beating us so that we would be crippled, but there was probably no goal of teaching us either. I thought it was okay. I believed that all people are taught this way. Just a blow, and it teaches you: you don’t want to be beaten, and you don’t do what you can’t.

They slapped us in the face to avoid bruising. And somehow they hit so that I left a trace of my palm. And then I did not go to any event. They locked me in the isolation ward: everyone left, and I was in prison.

Danya Milokhin

About relationship with brother

I don’t know where he lives. We corresponded with him, something happened. I also play such garbage for children. When we were in Anapa together, then we also did not really communicate. I started this whole blogging business. They said to me: “Oh, blogger, blogger. What kind of blogger are you? You have 2 thousand subscribers on VKontakte.” I didn’t even have an Instagram. But even then I was shouting that I was a blogger, doing some pranks. And he (brother. – Ed. Note) came up to me and said: “You don’t need to do this, let’s do this.” He told his friends: “Don’t call him my brother.” And he told me that I was not his brother. He, apparently, was simply ashamed of me and depended on the opinions of his friends. To be honest, I didn’t need his support.

Ksenia Sobchak and Danya MilokhinKsenia Sobchak and Danya Milokhin

Now he knows: if he tries to establish contact with me, I will be against it, because I will think that it is only because of the money. I don’t know who he lives with. He earns with my last name. How else can he earn? Honestly, I don’t see any charisma. Perhaps I have some kind of prejudice towards him as an older brother. We were together in an orphanage, then in a family, but we did not communicate. There was no such thing as brothers sitting. If I was punished, he did not intercede: he was among the older guys, he himself did not beat me, but he went with them and did not interfere in any way. I once tried to get him out, I said: “Why are you not protecting me?” I don’t even remember what he answered, but there was some kind of refusal: he explained to me why he didn’t defend, I did not agree with that and simply said: “Okay, come on”. No offense, nothing. I just started taking care of myself and the guys and stopped paying attention to him. And it’s okay.

If he cries into my phone: “Tribute, I can’t do it,” I will say: “Ilya, figure it out yourself. I won’t help you in any way.” And this is not anger or revenge.

Danya Milokhin

About sex and a girl

In fact, sex is not as important to me as much else. As a job, my guys, friendly fun. There is much more of this in my life now than sex. I think this may change over time, but I’m so comfortable. I have no need for a regular sex life: as it will be, so it will be.

At the age of 18 I fell in love with Yulia (Yulia Gavrilina is a popular tiktokersha. – Ed.). I didn’t know how to properly distribute love. I thought that you could only love the person you were dating, so he took all the love from the guys from the Dream Team (Tiktokersky house, one of the founders of which is Milokhin. – Ed.) And began to give it to her. And she knows how to use it. She asked: “Tribute, why so much?” And she began to move away from me. The guys whom I did not give love because of her, too, were turned away from me. I threw the guys, I didn’t work, I quit shooting and went to her. This is very nice and cool, but not necessary. And it’s good that I got over it. We are together.

I sincerely wish everyone to learn how to distribute love and what is really needed. I can build love with anyone and whenever I want: no matter how old I am and what state I will be in. But first I have to build myself. It may sound like I’m a bore, but I don’t care. I build myself, I do for myself, and then for everyone else.

about drugs

I got money from Instagram, I had something to eat. I saw friends who use it all, and I thought: why don’t I try it. And all six months I thought I was just trying: there’s nothing, I’m alive. A friend of mine had a friend who does this. We went looking for drugs with them. I started to deceive friends. He said that I would go for a walk, but in fact I found it and one used it all. Everyone knew that we were all deceiving each other, but no one talked about it.

Danya Milokhin

It was very easy to quit. It was one day when there was a lot of it all. Let’s call this an overdose. All this time I understand that all that I am happy about – seeing beautiful trees, touching a pleasant sofa – is all because of drugs. Without them, I did not feel this euphoria. When a week without drugs passed, and I felt this euphoria without drugs. Now I have not used anything for a year and have come to the point that I am happy with the snow. I am glad to everything that surrounds me.

Danya Milokhin

about Morgenstern

He is a genius and, to some extent, an example of how to treat many things: easier, more relaxed, not chasing something. There are more of those who think that he is not good, because he does not do the way everyone does: he communicates, behaves in front of the camera. Morgen will be a soulful character, I’m sure. And he himself said about it: “The time will come when you will love me, and my hype will disappear.”

Danya Milokhin

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