Oct 16, 2021
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Danya Milokhin spoke about the affair with Evgenia Medvedeva


There are rumors that figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva has an affair with a young blogger.

There are rumors on the web that the shooting of the eighth season of the show “Ice Age” led to the beginning of another office romance. Users suspect that the friendship between Dani Milokhin and figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva could have grown into something more.

Milokhin was asked a direct question about how he relates to what they say about their pair. He said that he was not bothered by the “shippers” and he was even pleased that their pair aroused such interest in the public.

It’s nice, we send each other the videos that the kids edit for us. I send it to her, and she to me. Says: “Look how beautiful it is.” We are drawn, we also share this. It’s fun, and if they stop it will be boring.“- quoted Milokhin

Evgenia Medvedeva with Dania Milokhin
Evgenia Medvedeva with Dania Milokhin

Tiktoker, however, although he did not break the dreams of fans, made it clear that rumors of their closeness were greatly exaggerated.

By the way, Medvedeva was at first very upset that she would have to perform in tandem with the star of the schoolchildren. Later, she became convinced that Milokhin not only creates context with talent, but also confidently stands on skates. Evgenia is pleased with how quickly her partner learns new elements and how responsibly she approaches training.

By the way, viewers suspect not only Milokhin, but also the ex-husband of Yekaterina Klimova in an office romance. Recently, a romantic photo of Gela Meskhi with her partner Yana Khokhlova, taken outside the ice arena, got into the media.

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