Jan 9, 2022
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Danya Milokhin is grateful to Sobchak that he did not meet his parents


Tiktoker and singer Danya Milokhin admitted that he does not want to see his parents.

The artist said that he was not looking for a meeting with biological parents. The opportunity to meet for the first time with mom and dad was presented at the Dok-Talk show on Channel One. The presenter Ksenia Sobchak found Milokhin’s relatives, but the young tiktoker refused to meet.

She asked: “Tribute, do you want them to come out?” I said no. And Sobchak did not force. We didn’t see each other even after filming. They were sitting in the dressing room, and I left. I think it’s right“, – said Danya in the YouTube show” 50 Questions “.

Danya Milokhin
Danya Milokhin

Mother left Milokhin in an orphanage when he was three years old. She did not know about the further fate of the boy. Tiktoker admitted that he is not going to maintain any relationship with relatives.

I’m not looking for messages from my mother. Even if I see, I will not answer, because I do not want to give hope for further communication. I don’t want these snot yet. Perhaps I will meet in a year, but not now“, – said Milokhin.

The artist admitted that he considers his parents to be strangers. He was embarrassed to watch as his biological father fell to his knees in front of his brother Ilya. Milokhin shared that he was indifferent to mom and dad and did not see the point in maintaining a relationship with them.

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