Nov 12, 2022
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Danya Milokhin is a useless creature, said Kormukhina


Olga Kormukhina believes that it’s time for singer Danya Milokhin to try on a plumber’s robe.

After leaving the Ice Age show and going abroad, Danya Milokhin faced a flurry of criticism. So Olga Kormukhina did not stand aside – the singer smashed the blogger to smithereens.

While Danya Milokhin is enjoying his vacation in Dubai, many representatives of the star fraternity took up arms against him. Nikita Mikhalkov, Anna Shafran, Boris Korchevnikov are all against the 20-year-old blogger. Olga Kormukhina, without choosing words, walked through the stars of the Network.

Look at him! The man does not know where to put himself. I even felt sorry for him, although I used to tense up. He finally realized that a worthless creature. Maybe he will take his head and go to study somewhere, get a normal profession? Maybe in him a brilliant plumber disappears, an air conditioner. Or a locksmith of the sixth category, like Goga from the movie “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears”“, – said 62-year-old Olga Borisovna for the Paragraph Telegram channel.

Danya Milokhin - photo from the archive -
Danya Milokhin – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Milokhin himself does not respond to the ugly words of senior colleagues. By the way, now the musician is also being criticized for leaving the Ice Age – Danya suddenly left the project, substituting the film crew and partner Zhenya Medvedev.

The tiktoker himself assured: he was engaged in an unloved business, so he said goodbye to the program on Channel One without hesitation.

I explain once, I won’t do it again. I can’t do what I don’t want to. That year I enjoyed doing Ice Age because it was something new for me. I was cool, I was interested. This year, I even agreed with the work, telling them, they say, be prepared for me to leave. They said, “We are ready.” And I dumped”, Milokhin said the other day.

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