May 29, 2022
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Danko’s girlfriend admitted that she gets curses from his ex


Singer Danko left his ex and started a new family.

Siluyanova is constantly cursed by the friends of Danko’s ex-wife. Maria does not understand why women blame her and hate her. The blonde is outraged by this attitude, because she treats the ex-lover of the artist perfectly well.

Before meeting with DJ Danko, he cohabited with Natalya Ustyumenko for 13 years. During this time, the couple had two daughters, Sophia and Agatha, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Soon the artist left Natalia, and she accused him of indifference to the heirs. As soon as the performer of the hit “Moscow Night” started an affair with a new passion, a flurry of hate hit her.


I treat Natasha exactly, normally. I feel sorry for her as a mother, she endures difficult trials with Agatha. For the fifth year now, her friends and, in general, mothers with special children have been writing to me. They write: “So that you die and so that your son becomes disabled.” What did I do to them? What has my child done to them? Why do they want this for me? Some believe that I took Sasha (Alexander Fadeev – the real name of the singer – approx. away from the family, although I met him when he was a free man“, – said the 34-year-old bride of the star on the air of the Secret to a Million program on NTV.

Siluyanova with her son from a previous marriage and Danko live in Yalta, in a house that the singer bought two years ago. Now the artist plans to add two more floors to the cottage. The artist himself is engaged in construction work. The bride of the star, having received an inheritance from her parents, purchased apartments in the Crimea and now successfully rents them out. On this, the blonde earns even more than her roommate, while the mother of her daughters, Danko, turns to the help services for the poor in order to receive groceries. Natalya is still alone in the upbringing and treatment of the youngest heiress. She turns to caring people for help, because the girl’s father refused to provide for her.

Well, they have nothing to eat when they have so much money from all the benefits. Sasha pays monthly alimony and Sonya has the last iPhone, everything is fine. It’s just a lie!“- assured Siluyanova, noting that Danko loves his children no matter what.

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