May 4, 2021
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Danko won a trial against a particular ex-wife

The famous Russian performer Danko won a court case against his former particular wife, who is raising his two daughters. She wanted to sue him for a million rubles without any good reason.

Danko won a trial against a particular ex-wife

Danko said goodbye to Natalia Ustyumenko more than three years ago. They have two daughters left, one of whom suffers from cerebral palsy. At parting, Natalia filed for alimony, but this seemed to her a drop.

The singer, however, reported that he had managed to win a trial against Ustyumenko, who was hungry to get a million rubles from him for no reason. He informed about this, but did nothing, because he was sure that the court would reject her petition on this matter. However, the uncle was mistaken and the court appeased the ex-wife’s claim.

For six months, Danko tried to get access to the documents in order to appeal the thrown out sentence and achieved this.

The contractor says that the Moscow City Court considered his complaint and changed the decision, annulling the collection of a million rubles from him. However, by this time, he had time to spend countless efforts and money to get the court to timely fulfill the assigned tasks.

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