May 29, 2022
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Danko said that he has a demanding bride


Singer Danko admitted that he could not afford the wedding that his girlfriend wants.

The artist and Maria Siluyanova have been together for five years. The chosen one is waiting for a marriage proposal from the artist, but the singer is in no hurry to take a serious step.

The artist has been happy in a relationship with Maria Siluyanova for several years. The blonde worked as a DJ in Moscow nightclubs, and now lives with her chosen one in the Crimea. From the previous union, the woman is raising her five-year-old son Ruslan. The father of the child does not financially help the ex-wife. The 53-year-old performer of the hit “Baby” gets along well with the heir of his companion. That’s just not in a hurry to make a beloved marriage proposal.

Danko - photo from the archive -
Danko – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Masha is very pretentious, she likes everything to be expensive and rich. She wants Philip Kirkorov to be at our wedding at least! And everything was like in a movie: mega-romance and a white steamer. I also want to. But times are hard. I suggested that she play a wedding in Thailand, so that there was a big red sun, orchids, a sunset, oriental women sang …“- the singer shared on the air of the Secret for a Million program on NTV.

Thanks to his excellent external data, Danko was popular with women. Among his chosen ones were celebrities. In particular, Vera Sotnikova became his first true love. The big age difference did not prevent the couple from experiencing real feelings. However, then the actress decided to part with the singer.

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