Jul 31, 2020
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Danish journalist says NATO is defenseless against Russian weapons

Danish journalist Emil Rottbell expressed the opinion that the American air bases located in the Arctic are "absolutely defenseless" in front of the Russian Kinzhal missile systems.

“Therefore, the West is in great danger of doing something that will alarm Russia,” he wrote in an article published in the Berlingske newspaper.

Rottbell noted that due to its speed, hitting accuracy and range, the missile system "changes the balance of power" in the region. He explained that in the Arctic, NATO has nothing to oppose to Russian hypersonic weapons.

The author of the article also cited the words of the Danish military man Anders Pook Nielsen, who said that Western countries are the "main target" of Russian hypersonic complexes. Nielsen also expressed the opinion that in the event of a war, the Russian Federation "wants to destroy" the radars of the Greenland airbase Thule, which are part of the missile shield. The soldier stressed that the United States needs to find an answer to the "Daggers".

The journalist also noted that the Arctic region has "symbolic significance" for the Russian Federation, and therefore, the situation may "get out of control."

The "Dagger" rocket can reach a speed of Mach 10 and overcomes all existing air defense systems. She is capable of carrying conventional and nuclear charges. It was reported that Russia intends to increase the maximum flight speed of hypersonic missiles "Dagger" and "Zircon".

Earlier, an American expert spoke about the advantage of the Russian Federation in the Arctic.

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