Jan 7, 2022
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Dani Milokhin’s father spoke about his envious people


The man is outraged that Tiktoker and singer Danya Milokhin are being hounded on the net.

Dmitry Tyulenev, the adoptive father of Dani and Ilya Milokhin, spoke about those who say nasty things about him and his sons. In his opinion, such people need help.

Tyulenev admitted that he was curious to see the comments of the haters. “I sometimes flip through the latest press, on the Internet, of course. Against the background of the latest news, it was very interesting to read the negative comments addressed to myself and to the address of Dani and Ilya. So-called haters, who are they and what do they lack in life?“- he argues.

The man suggested what their motives were: “I think the reason is that if a person has not become a person, has not matured and has not developed that set of qualities necessary to fulfill his destiny, he will involuntarily, unconsciously look for the missing energy in other people. He will try to cling to a stronger personality, establish a connection, thereby either lower him to his level, forcing him to enter into an abusive argument, or rise to his level“.

Danya Milokhin
Danya Milokhin

According to him, haters even need help: “I think such people need to be helped, first of all, because thousands of people passed by and did not express any emotion, hundreds of people express positive emotions, but a dozen still write nasty things. These people live and experience severe torment, these are offended students who taught a lesson (in their opinion), but no one asked them, and they really needed to answer“.

Tiktoker’s adoptive father added that sometimes someone else’s opinion is important, but it should be constructive: “On the other hand, good criticism helps us to develop further, to become better.”

Tyulenev also noted that he himself is not averse to supporting young guys who do not know where to put their anger: “And yet I will definitely work in this direction and will try to help many children find their destiny. After all, life is beautiful and so much good and kind surrounds us, so many opportunities, so many unsolved secrets and mysteries …

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