Sep 12, 2020
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Dangerous rapprochement between China and Russia spotted in the US

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Strengthening relations between Russia and China poses a huge threat to the United States. First of all, we are talking about the military sphere, in which, together, Moscow and Beijing represent a serious counterbalance to Washington's ambitions.

This opinion expressed Doug Bandow, expert of the American magazine National Interest.

According to him, Beijing and Moscow are taking relations to a higher level after the West launched an economic war against Russia. The rapprochement continues, and it's easy to guess who Chinese leader Xi Jinping meant when he called on Russia and China in August to "oppose hegemony and unilateralism," Bandou said.

Now even staunch supporters of America's rampant supremacy are getting nervous over the collaboration of the world's second largest economy and the world's second strongest army., - the expert emphasized.

He believes that the White House should sit down with the Kremlin at the negotiating table and look for compromises. Thus, the United States can curtail NATO expansion. At the same time, Bandow stressed that Washington's goal should not be to make Moscow an ally of the United States, but to prevent it from becoming an ally of Beijing.

American policymakers need to recognize that Russia has its own interests that it will pursue regardless of Washington's wishes, - the expert is sure.

He added that a new cold war would be of less benefit, so the US and Europe should strive for a civilized, partnership with Russia.

Earlier reported that military intelligence officers reacted to the statement of US President Donald Trump that the United States has "unprecedented weapons" that no one in the world knows about. According to experts, these boastful statements are aimed at making Moscow be more compliant in difficult discussions with Washington. In particular, Trump wants to influence the further fate of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty in this way.

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