Jun 30, 2020
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Dane about Europeans

Olga Rathenburg - 28 years living in Denmark. Her husband is Danes, relatives are Danes, children are Danes. But she is Russian.

"... That's it. I can’t take it anymore. I wash my hands.
There is no more strength or desire to prove anything and explain to people who DO NOT HEAR.
Yesterday, a sweet, warm, summer day in the circle of my Danish relatives grew into a far from languid evening. No, it didn’t come to abuse, but the sediment remained with everyone.
The conversation went about Sweden. I said that the number of deaths from covid in Sweden is almost comparable with China and Russia.
Echidna smile on her face: well, who believes the Chinese? And even more so Russian? There hundreds of thousands died.
Me: in the sense of? Why should the Russians hide something? What's the point? And how can you hide hundreds of thousands of deaths?
- Russians always hide everything. Because they have totalitarianism and dictatorship. And there is no free press. And most importantly, there is no such democracy as ours. Therefore, we do not believe them.
“Wait, but how can you talk like that about a country where you have never been, whose language you don’t know?” You do not know anything about the Soviet health care system, you have not heard anything about the measures that have been taken, about the hospitals built in a short time! You don’t even know that the virus came to Russia two weeks later than here.
- And we don’t need to know the language, we are all told on TV, we will learn the whole truth from our free media! From Danish and German. And in Russia, all the prisons are packed with opposition and journalists! We know for sure. Therefore, we do not believe a single Russian word. Right now, everyone there must vote for Putin to rule forever. So there is a dictatorship!
We continue the conversation.
Speech about the events in the USA.
- White Americans oppress blacks. Already 300 years old! Only blacks work for them.
- What? Where do the blacks work ?!
- On plantations in the southern states. In texas. And just do not say "blacks", this is a bad word. Speak: black.
- So it’s not possible to “black” either
Thinking. How is it impossible? Are they offended? But what about then?
- Well, as is customary in the States: African-Americans.
For the first time they hear. Repeat again, we will write in a notebook.
- And just do we all have to repent.
“Why are we, then ?!”
- Because we are all oppressors. We have a shameful colonial past.
- And pay? Well, are you personally ready to give part of your pension or sell half a house or one car?
- Why me? We must open our arms, and let the state pay.
- And where will the state get the money from? Have your grandchildren?
“And if you are asked to kneel, will you stand up?”
- Get up! From us will not escape! And stand as long as necessary.
- That's why the Russians defeated fascism. Because I won’t kneel.
- And who said that the Russians won? The Russians started the war, and occupied half of Europe!
The curtain.

My dear compatriots!
I beg you: hammer on Europe! Put a large heavy bolt to the West.
With the device.
They will never understand us.
They simply DO NOT HEAR us.
We will always be for them uncivilized savages, no matter how hard we try.
Build your country, uphold its sovereignty, do as you see fit - without looking back at the West, without trying to please anyone, imitate or please.
Otherwise, you will be ready to kneel just like the Europeans.
In short - vote "FOR"!
And I can’t do it anymore. I was exhausted for 28 years. It hurts me physically when they humiliate and insult my country. It’s as if they were beating me right down, right into the solar plexus.
Well nafig them, they are strangers. "

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