Mar 31, 2021
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Dandelion kefir and propolis mayonnaise

Scientists at Belgorod State University are working to create the food of the future. They make all products 100% natural, and use varieties of flowers and useful plants as ingredients.

One of the novelties that may appear on the table of Russians is mayonnaise made from propolis, beans and nettle. There are no eggs in the composition, so the product is suitable for vegetarians and allergy sufferers.

The sauce is made on the basis of aquafaba – a viscous liquid that remains after boiling the beans. The scientists added salt, vinegar, healthy herbs and vegetable oil.

“To increase the biological value of products, we enrich their composition with nanostructured dry extracts of propolis, nettle and guarana – each sauce with one addition. Due to the presence of additives, the product will have properties beneficial to the body, – explained Nina Myachikova, head of the department of food technology at the National Research University “BelSU”.

Such sauces are very useful for the body, and due to the absence of eggs, they are not harmful to the figure, unlike store-bought mayonnaise.

Another development of scientists is kefir with dandelion extract additives. This type of herb is rich in vitamins A, C, group B, contains carotene and iron. It strengthens the immune system and stimulates weight loss.

“The combination of nanostructured dry extract of dandelion and kefir leads to synergy of action and allows increasing the prophylactic and consumer properties of the finished product,” added Nina Myachikova.

Scientists are also working on the creation of low-calorie desserts. Instead of sugar – fig and Manchurian aralia. Such cakes can be eaten by athletes and people, for example, with diabetes.

“The prototypes of figs were made on the basis of domestic apples, which are distinguished by a uniform structure, bright color, pronounced taste and aroma, as well as a high level of pectin required for the recipe. But the developed technology is universal, applicable for obtaining figs from any pectin-containing fruits, ”said Olga Binkovskaya, Associate Professor of the Department of Food Technology, Candidate of Biological Sciences.

It is impossible to get fat from these sweets, they do not contain ingredients that could harm your health. Scientists have given up on harmful additives.

Experts are sure that all these products can no longer be called ordinary food. In terms of their benefits, they are comparable to drugs. Soon dandelion sauces, desserts and kefir may be on sale – scientists have received a patent for their developments.


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