Oct 24, 2021
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Dana Borisova’s daughter decided to go on a hunger strike


Presenter Dana Borisova spoke about the quarrel with her daughter.

The TV presenter again faced the manifestation of her daughter’s teenage rebellion. Polina recently went on a hunger strike and refused to go to school. The reason for the strike was a conflict with his mother.

It all started with the broken phone of a schoolgirl. The presenter honestly admitted that she threw her daughter’s gadget out of the window of the apartment on the 11th floor. As a result of the fall, the equipment shattered into small pieces. After that, Polina refused to eat and locked herself in her room. Borisova said on Instagram that the offended child did not eat for two whole days.

The presenter believes that she must fight her daughter’s addiction to the gadget and did exactly the right thing. She does not feel guilty and calmly watches how Polina will behave further.

Dana Borisova with her daughter
Dana Borisova with her daughter

Polina goes on strike as the phone shattered … How did you fight this evil?“- Borisova is worried.

It is worth noting that Polina was treated in a psychiatric clinic in the past. She was sent there by her mother after she injured herself. The daughter of the TV star cut her arms and legs, from which she left scars all over her body.

Borisova’s attention is now more riveted to another family problem. Her mother is in the hospital with covid. She ended up in intensive care due to breathing problems. The other day, the presenter threw a cry for help with the search for a medicine that could save her mother’s life.

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