Apr 29, 2021
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Dana Borisova’s 13-year-old daughter flew into the hospital

The famous Russian TV presenter Dana Borisova complained about the condition of her 13-year-old daughter Polina, who flew into the hospital. Dana says that her daughter has mental problems.

Dana Borisova's 13-year-old daughter flew into the hospital

Borisova began to worry about her daughter after her trip to the northern capital. Returning home, she noticed that the girl was wearing closed clothes, craving warmth outside. Dana noticed the scratches on Polina’s hands, but she said that she had them because of the dog. At first, Borisova believed, but then it turned out that the girl’s legs were cut with a blade.

The presenter says that after that she went to her daughter’s room and made a search there. She managed to find three towels covered in blood, and then she got scared. And two days later, the daughter left her room with bandaged wrists.

Then Dana turned to psychologists, and they told her that in this way Polina endures mental and physical pain. And this is a very disturbing ringing bell.

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Borisova was eager to take Polina to be enrolled in a psychologist, but she had to scurry to fly away. So she asked the housekeeper to look after the girl. However, the schoolgirl began to have panic attacks, and she herself called for an ambulance.

The presenter says that such a state of Polina may be associated with an awful relationship with Batey, businessman Maxim Aksenov. After all, the ex-husband did not even visit her in the hospital, alka, she lives in the next house.

Borisova returned back to Moscow immediately the next day after the incident with Polina, she took her out of the hospital and sent her to school.

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