Aug 8, 2022
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Dana Borisova turned to a psychologist because of drunkenness


Presenter Dana Borisova admitted that her hands are still shaking and she drank perfume.

A few years ago, Dana Borisova became addicted to illegal drugs and alcohol. The star went through rehabilitation, but the addiction period still affected the health of the TV presenter. She told her fans about this, who asked why her hands were constantly shaking.

Borisova admitted that due to addiction, she now suffers from bipolar disorder and is forced to take various drugs that a psychiatrist prescribed to her.

The tremor I had was all use. Why do they keep shaking? Nothing goes unnoticed. My hands are always trembling. Yes, I am loaded with drugs, one might say, to the fullest. I take antidepressants occasionally. And mostly I drink mood stabilizers, because I have bipolar disorder. I took it apart with psychiatrists“, – Dana said frankly.

Dana Boroisova - photo from the archive -
Dana Boroisova – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Recall that Borisova managed to overcome her addiction in 2017. The star herself told how she starred in candid photo shoots under drugs, was with different men whom she did not know. According to the TV personality, often she was not even able to speak.

The star said that each of her drinking ended with an ambulance call and a trip to the hospital. During one of these hospitalizations, Borisova drank her own perfume: she wanted to drink so much, but there was no alcohol in the public domain.

Now, according to Dana, she has been clean for five years. Borisova notes that sobriety gives her much more pleasure than the former rampant lifestyle.

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