May 5, 2021
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Dana Borisova told why her daughter mutilated herself

Not so long ago, the famous TV presenter Dana Borisova said that her daughter cut herself several times. She decided to immediately seek help from psychologists.

Dana Borisova told why her daughter mutilated herself

The fact that her daughter Polina had a complex character was understandable for a long time already. She quarreled with her mother and behaved hostilely. Recently, cuts began to show on her body. It turned out that Polina herself injured herself.

Dana said that Polina explained this to her and the doctors by panic attacks, during which she could not control herself. As a result, Polina flew into the hospital for four days, where experienced specialists monitored her condition. Psychologists talked to her and encouraged her to understand that she needed to control her emotions.

Borisova expressed her gratitude to teachers, psychologists, guardianship authorities, social workers and doctors. She added that she and her daughter met with other patients and received advice from good experts in this matter.

Now the presenter is going to pay more attention to her daughter and her upbringing.

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