Jun 16, 2022
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Dana Borisova spoke about the cruelty of her ex-husband


Presenter Dana Borisova shared how her ex-husband attacked his daughter.

In the life of Dana Borisova, conflicts will not stop in any way. At first, the presenter tried to establish communication with her daughter, who emotionally injured herself, but now the star is sorting things out with her ex-husband, Maxim Aksenov.

Recently, Dana Borisova sued a businessman. The presenter wants the former to pay decent money for the maintenance of a common daughter, and not 15 thousand rubles – according to the TV personality, this amount is not enough at all.

For three and a half years, even four, I receive a fixed amount for Polina, a living wage – 15 thousand. Many will understand that raising a child with this money is, well, almost unrealistic. I lead the program in St. Petersburg. I have a fixed salary – 60 thousand per month. There are some additional incomes, like everyone else. Some advertising on social networks, some events, but this is irregular“, – said 46-year-old Borisova in the program of the Fifth Channel “Gossip Chronicle”.

Dana Borisova - photo from the archive -
Dana Borisova – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Dana accuses the ex-spouse not only of unwillingness to provide for the child, but also of abuse. The TV star told how Aksenov beat Polina in front of his parents. “He started to get furious, ran up, knocked down: “I will now belt you …” He took off the belt and began to beat his daughter, she fell to the ground. She screamed very loudly“, – said Borisova.

If earlier Polina lived with her father, now she does not contact him. She found a common language with her mother and spends all the time with her. For example, recently a girl, along with a famous parent, got paired tattoos.

Dad has top favorite phrases. So, the first one is “I can’t be nervous”, the second one is “I’m not a father-purse,” 14-year-old Polina admitted. – I recently called, I wanted to go to him. He said that there was something else covid in there, and it was impossible to enter. So he doesn’t want to see me“.

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