Jan 7, 2022
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Dana Borisova spoke about her figure after plastic surgery


Presenter Dana Borisova commented on the criticism in her address.

Going on vacation to Egypt, Borisova showed off her body after surgery. It seems that Dana did it too early, which caused a flurry of negativity in her address.

Followers of the 45-year-old presenter were quick to notice that the surgeon’s work was, to put it mildly, weak. So, on Dana’s body, and especially on her stomach, they noticed flabbiness and bumps.

Borisova did not despair and posted on her personal blog another photo where she flaunts in a swimsuit on a yacht. She is not at all embarrassed by her body now, and she considers the surgeon’s accusations of unprofessionalism in vain: “Take two and also without Photoshop! I am more than grateful to my doctor, I think that he has excellent taste and golden hands“.

Dana Borisova in a swimsuit
Dana Borisova in a swimsuit

She also recalled that it is too early to judge the results of plastic surgery: “And I ask you not to forget that hardly a month has passed since the operation. Even when a simple cosmetic procedure is done, they always warn that rehabilitation will take time. Personally, I see a huge difference in the before and after photos.“.

Dana’s subscribers were divided into two camps. Some do not understand why the star turned to a surgeon for help. “I thought that she always had a perfect figure, when did she get better? “; “It is not necessary to do liposuction, but to eat properly and play sports”; “I feel sorry for her. This could be worked out, and not raped the body. Everything is not so neglected“, – write some followers.

Others decided that now Borisova only needed support and wrote her pleasant words: “Dana, you are doing great! The swelling will go away, the body will return to normal! ”; “Yes, we also noticed, he knows his business, he did everything conscientiously”; “Danochka, you are gorgeous and beautiful!

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