Apr 9, 2021
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Dana Borisova spoke about fleeting romances during rehabilitation

The famous Russian TV presenter Dana Borisova recently spoke about her alcohol and drug addiction. She admitted that in this difficult stage she led a false lifestyle – she provided the uncles with intimate services for a pittance.

Dana Borisova spoke about fleeting romances during rehabilitation

She emphasized that she did not get along all the time and added that then she had no more than three uncles, but this does not represent an excuse for her.

It is noted that romantic stories in Dana’s life did not stop, even when she was undergoing rehabilitation in Thailand. However, it does not talk about the provision of intimate services – Borisova then fell in love with several uncles at once, whom she met during the treatment. They were men who also had problems with alcohol and drugs, but this did not embarrass her.

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Dana added that at first she fell in love with the heroin addict Fedya, he had no upper teeth, but his parents were casinos in the Far East. They wanted Fedya to marry and hold his head. After a week, she drew attention to Lech the alcoholic, but they were forbidden to be a widow and were constantly dispersed, concluded Borisova.

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