Jan 12, 2021
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Dana Borisova said that during the New Year’s holidays, her bipolar disorder worsened

15:31, 12.01.2021

Now the TV presenter is feeling better.

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Dana Borisova carefully monitors her figure and tries to keep herself in perfect shape. However, in December last year, the star admitted that over the past two weeks she gained four kilograms, two of which appeared literally overnight. Borisova then named the reason for the sharp weight gain. Dana’s appetite increased due to the medications prescribed by her doctor. As it turned out, the TV presenter suffers from bipolar disorder. By the way, Borisova changed her doctor and now feels much better.

In her microblog on Instagram, Dana Borisova published a video message, where she explained why she disappeared from social networks for some time (the author’s spelling and punctuation hereinafter are given unchanged – Prim. line.) .: “Hello everyone, with the second day of the working week. I wish all of us to get out of the collapse as soon as possible. Well, it’s just a nightmare, eternal zhor, confused day with night. In general, nothing good. I would like to explain why I didn’t post Stories, why I don’t have a single post, I don’t have new photos. My illness is to blame for everything – bipolar disorder. “

Borisova noted that she is worried about early waking up, as well as other characteristic manifestations of bipolar disorder: “I get up at 4 am all the time. And also attacks of social phobia, when it is good only to be alone, when there is no desire to communicate, even to pick up the telephone receiver. And, in general, it happened to me on the New Year. “

Dana Borisova said that during the New Year’s holidays, her bipolar disorder worsened

Dana also said that she met at one of the episodes of the “Male / Female” program with a doctor who now treats her. The TV presenter noted that the doctor changed the therapy, so now she feels better: “In general, now I am much better, I will try to do my best to get out of this depression. Thank you for your understanding, ”summed up Borisova.

The fact that Borisova’s bipolar disorder had worsened became known a month ago. She then announced this in her microblog on Instagram: “Since the beginning of autumn, my bipolar disorder worsened, and on the recommendation of my doctor, I doubled the dosage of the base drug. The side effect is crazy appetite and weight gain. The autumn depression began to be seized with harmful carbohydrates. Total, from 55 kg to 58.4, this is in a short period of time. And in a long-term history from August 51.7 to 58.4 IMPRESSES ”- wrote Dana Borisova in her microblog on Instagram.

Dana Borisova with her daughter

Nevertheless, Dana Borisova does not intend to put up with changes in her own body. The star noted that she had already found a fashionable diet on the Internet, which she was going to try on herself. Moreover, the TV presenter said that her daughter Polina is also going to accustom her to such a food system as keto. By the way, she recently started living with her daughter Dana Borisova. The girl returned to her mother when she got rid of her harmful addictions. However, Dana Borisova and her relatives have not yet been able to do without conflicts and showdowns. In early November this year, the TV presenter in her microblog on Instagram stated that Polina was beaten by her own father.

According to the TV star, Maxim Aksenov, to whom the 13-year-old girl came to visit, began to beat her with a belt. After the incident, Borisova decided to deal with Aksenov and went to his house. As it turned out, Dana’s former lover lives with her parents in a gated residential complex, which is a 15-minute walk from Borisova’s house. However, the popular blonde failed to enter the territory – she does not have a pass that she could show to the guards.

Dana Borisova and Maxim Aksenov

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