Apr 7, 2021
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Dana Borisova said that Alena Kravets’s husband is lying about his multimillion-dollar fortune

21:17, 04/07/2021

The presenter does not believe that the singer’s husband is an oligarch.

Conflict between TV presenter Dana Borisova and a singer Alena Kravets has been going on for several years. The stars every now and then release pointed remarks and even insults at each other. So, today on the air of the YouTube show “Open, David!” Dana mentioned Alena again. This time Borisova said that she did not believe in the multimillion-dollar fortune of the singer’s husband. Ruslana… According to the TV presenter, the beloved star is not an oligarch at all, but the allegedly huge financial fortune was invented by the couple to increase public interest in their life.

“The luxury and wealth of her husband Ruslan is greatly exaggerated. If he was a real oligarch, I doubt he would go to the show for royalties. And in general, it is not solid, ”- explained Dana. Interestingly, last year Kravets accused Borisova of trying to take her husband away from the family. As Alena said, there was a romantic relationship between the TV presenter and Ruslan. The singer said that she found a personal correspondence between her husband and his alleged star lover. According to Kravets, Dana thanked her chosen one for the gifts, and also sent intimate pictures and videos.

Dana Borisova

By the way, Borisova did not deny the affair with Alena’s husband. Moreover, the TV presenter publicly told the singer about the reasons why Ruslan did not remain faithful to his legal wife. As the star reported, the oligarch complained to her about his wife. Dana also added that she was far from the only woman with whom her beloved Kravets spent time. This situation hurt Alena, although at that time she and her husband were in a quarrel. Kravets then stated that in this way Borisova was trying to take revenge on her for old grievances.

It is worth adding that the couple of Alena and Ruslan actually often become the heroes of various talk shows. Lovers are famous for their loud conflicts. The first big scandal involving the spouses happened after their divorce in 2016. Ruslan gave his ex-wife and their common daughter a luxurious mansion at that time, and also offered to keep Kravets with the girl. However, the oligarch set a condition for the singer – Alena should not bring unauthorized men into the house.

Alena Kravets with her husband

The case ended in assault, when Ruslan nevertheless caught Kravets with his lover. The oligarch beat the singer right in front of his daughter. Alena told about the show that happened on the air “Let them talk”… After that, the relationship between the former couple rapidly deteriorated. The ex-lover made sure that the child lived with him. Soon Kravets again visited one of the programs with a black eye – this time Ruslan’s guard hit the star when she tried to sneak past him to her daughter.

However, despite the scandal, which was watched by the whole country, Alena and Ruslan made it up. In June 2018, the couple formalized their relationship again. The oligarch apologized to the chosen one for the cruel treatment. According to Kravets, after the conflict, her husband took her to rest at the resort and since then the couple has been happily married again.

Alena Kravets after beating

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