Jan 5, 2022
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Dana Borisova horrified fans with a figure in a bikini


Presenter Dana Borisova shared a photo from a vacation in Egypt.

A celebrity is one of the most outspoken stars in Russian show business. Now she is resting in Egypt with her mother Ekaterina Ivanovna and daughter Polina. The star not only calmly demonstrates a belly with an “orange peel”, but also posts beach shots to her personal blog. The presenter did not even try to disguise the features of her figure, which often appear in women by the age of 45.

We urgently need to train! ” “No, well, liposuction is ugly done”, “Danochka, how old are you? I thought 40, but my body is so flabby, my legs are swollen, ”“ All cellulite. Look dreary. But honestly“- the subscribers were disappointed.

Dana Borisova in bikini
Dana Borisova in bikini

But there were also those who appreciated Borisova’s brave act. “Gorgeous. Without any filters! ” “I love your photos, that’s true, cool, no retouching, clever girl!“- they commented.

45-year-old Dana Borisova recently decided on a complex operation – she went under the surgeon’s knife to remake her body. The TV presenter did not hide that she dared to plastic, because she was dissatisfied with how she looks now.

In women who have given birth, the belly often sticks out, and sometimes diets do not help. For some time I sat on intermittent fasting, a keto diet, but the effect was short-lived. Plus, over the past year, I have gained nine kilograms. My native weight is 53 kilos, and more recently I weighed almost 63 …“- admitted Borisova.

Dana refused to get in shape with traditional methods and went the other way – she turned to a plastic surgeon for help, who agreed to make the star blonde the perfect abs, remove excess fat, and correct the shape of the hips and back. And as a bonus, the doctor suggested that the patient also enlarge the buttocks, since after liposuction he had “extra” biomaterial.

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