Oct 20, 2021
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Dana Borisova believes that Tatyana Bulanova went from hand to hand


Dana Borisova criticized the singer Tatyana Bulanova for her words about harassment.

Recently, the artist condemned the victims of harassment and called them prostitutes. According to the singer, one shouldn’t talk about harassment at all. Dana Borisova reacted emotionally to the words of the artist.

Dana Borisova, without hesitation in expressions, responded to the statements of the performer. “I will never support Bulanova. Because she thinks about everything purely from the woman’s bell tower, without a real, sober idea of ​​any situations, on the basis that no one has ever bothered her. And I really think that if they stick, they stick to the cute ones! And I don’t consider Tatyana as such, so maybe she really avoided harassment.“, – said the presenter.

Dana Borisova
Dana Borisova

The 45-year-old TV personality noted – Tatiana condemns others, but she herself is not white and fluffy. Allegedly, many years ago, the singer took courtship from everyone. “She has such a dense state, she believes that harassment is a shame. Excuse me, man has a village in his head. My acquaintances from show business claim that Bulanova is in fluff at the very stigma. In these 90s, when she thundered, she was with banditry elements, about which she has all slobbering songs. She roamed there from one to another, one might say from hand to hand. Sorry, I’m so tough, but I was so unpleasant to read it. Plus she’s lying, she doesn’t keep promises, and she’s a dim-witted woman!“- added Borisova.

We will remind, last week 52-year-old Bulanova spoke harshly about the victims of sexual harassment. The star does not understand why colleagues all over the country talk about their “dirty laundry”.

“Colleagues or producers have never bothered me, or maybe I somehow didn’t notice, didn’t understand it. In general, for me, harassment is a shame. If you became famous, and now suddenly declare what you had to go through for your career, then who are you then? If we are talking about a woman, then this is a prostitute. She sold herself, achieved the desired goal and now decided, without fear of anything, to tell that someone was harassing her, ”the artist shared in a conversation with“ KP ”.

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