Sep 22, 2022
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Dana Borisova again flew past child support

As you know, immediately after Dana Borisova came to her senses after a drug addiction, and then rehab, she remembered that she was a mother and began to sue the father of her daughter Polina.

The fact that it was the father who was with the girl at the moment when she was being treated did not particularly worry her, and as soon as the court returned Polina back to her, she immediately began to sue him for alimony.

True, here there were more problems than returning the daughter under his care. Aksenov competently hid his income and Dana can only be content with deductions from 20,000 rubles of a “white salary”, which clearly does not suit her.

And judging by her comments on social networks, today she again failed to sue more money.

Dana Borisova again flew past child support

Well, Polina, meanwhile, went to the 9th grade and with a high degree of probability it could be her last at school. More recently, Borisova complained that her daughter did not want to study at all and went to school when she felt like it.

Dana Borisova again flew past child support

Now she is noticeably stout, and psychological problems are on the face, because quite recently she cut her arms and legs, and Dana was already calculating how much money she would have to spend on laser resurfacing to remove cut marks.

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